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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nursing License

Nursing license is license that given to nurses who conduct practice in Health Care Provider. Nurses could not to do Nursing Practice as nurses practitioner job in Hospital or Health Care Provider if they have no Nursing License. Your nursing license will be valid till 2 years so you must be renewed every two years by the end of your birth month. Registered Nurses (RN)will be renew in even years and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) renew in odd years. You may renew up to three months before your license expires (for example, you can renew as early as June 1 if your license expires on July 30).

A following are requirement who Nurses want to get Nursing License, but some other country is different even like that according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the minimum requirements for both RN and LPN candidates are:
  • You have to be garduated from nursing college, Diploma,or provide verification of completion and eligibility for graduation, from a state-approved program.
  • You must pass NCLEX Test examination.
  • You must self-report any and all criminal convictions, chemical dependencies, and functional ability deficits.
Did you have Nursing License, if you have no one, you can submit your Nursing License by Online, Visit Here

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Malpractice In Nursing

Malpractice is condition that can threat to Nurses Career instead of can bring nurses to the jail. In daily nursing activity are common occur malpractice act if nurses didn't take care or do carefully activity to patient. Nurses must be follow the right procedures or nursing standard guide line when they want to perform any activity to patient if nurses negligent or do careless it will be harm, injury, even though death to patient life it is meant nurses doing malpractice. Nurses must be understand about what is Malpractice it self so in the nurses daily activity nurses can be avoided violence and malpractice.

What is Malpractice?
In the field of law, malpractice refers to the situation when a professional is proved to have failed to use proper levels of care, skill or diligence in the performance of its professional activities causing harm to its patient or customers. Generally, a professional can be accused of malpractice if he fails to perform his or her professional duties in an assignment, such as an operation or simple check-up, he or she has accepted at the standard level of care, skill and learning normally that one can expect from the average careful renown member of the profession in the community.

Nursing Malpractice
Nursing malpractice occurs only under two conditions: You make a mistake that harms a patient, and the mistake is one that a reasonably careful nurse wouldn't have made in a similar situation. The law doesn't require you to provide the best or safest care humanly possible only to meet a reasonable standard.
In a malpractice case must prove two points:
  • you did something wrong that a reasonably prudent nurse wouldn't have done
  • your mistake was a proximate cause of his injury. To establish proximate cause, the patient would have to show that your wrongful conduct was a substantial factor in the harm he suffered.
Nurses with a higher level of skills or education will be expected to use their higher skills and knowledge when providing patient care.
This is the most important element in establishing or defending a claim for malpractice against a nurse. It is perhaps the one key area where nurses may avoid malpractice by doing their homework in advance. No matter what positions nurses hold, what locations they work in, or what types of nursing they practice, nurses must be aware of what the standard of care is to avoid committing malpractice by followed guidelines by various nursing associations (for example, the American Nurses Association(ANA) and regulatory establishments (such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO) as well as the Nurse Practice Act provided by the state, just to name a few.

To avoid nursing malpractice a nurse have to be following the correct order and read carefully before taking any nursing action.
Nurses responsibilities is to follow physicians' orders in a competent and timely manner. Failing to do so exposes you to the charge of nursing malpractice.

Paradoxically, however, following orders to a T can also be disastrous. Suppose, for example, the physician orders a penicillin injection for a patient with a documented penicillin allergy. If you fail to check the patient's allergy history and administer the drug, you (along with the physician) would be liable for malpractice if the patient were harmed. In a court of law, "just following orders" is no excuse if the orders are clearly off base.

But many situations aren't so clear-cut Imagine that the physician prescribes a course of treatment that you're unfamiliar with or a drug dosage that's outside recommended parameters. If you have doubts about the order's appropriateness, question the physician to make sure he hasn't simply made an error. If he confirms the order but you're still uncomfortable with it, discuss your questions further with the physician, consult with a pharmacist, check relevant references, and notify your nurse-manager of your concerns. In an extreme situation, withhold the treatment or drug and notify your manager. Depending on the circumstances, she or the prescribing physician may administer the questionable treatment or drug.

Document all your efforts to clarify the order. Anything less jeopardizes your license if the patient is harmed and later sues.

Read Nursing Malpractice cases

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nursing Activity is High Risk Profession

Nurses is a front line profession who closely with the patients 24 hours. Nurses in the Health Care Provider who work in Hospitals, clinics or other are front line profession who have to help patients that facing health problem. Nursing daily activities in workplace such as bedridden, giving injection, inserting IV, helping patient for personal hygiene, Patient lifting, travel patients from bed to the wheelchair or from bed to bed, accompany patients doing X-ray all are activities with so many risk.

The risk of nursing activities including getting cross infection from the patients, muscular disorder diseases, LBP (low back pain), getting risk from radiation exposure, needle pricking and so on. Low of nurses safety behavior and also no safety supervisor result in most of Nurses getting accident in the workplace in the period of work time.

To reduce to the nursing injury and accident need participate from Safety Department and Hospital Manager in order to make safety procedure and always supervisor control to daily nurses activity to avoid injury or accident happen.

Here state of safety procedure when nurses doing daily activities:
  • Alway using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as mask, glove, google, safety coat when do high risk activities like inserting IV, drawing blood sample, carried out specimen.
  • Read to the safety procedure before taking action to patients.
  • Use any device tool when travel patient from bed to wheelchair, bed to bed with strecher or other device tool to avoid injury or other accident.
  • Do not ignore safety procedure if you don't want getting accident.
  • Be carefully and keep your self always safe.
Be Safety First, safe your self.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

History Nursing Education In Indonesia

Indonesia is developing country with populations more than 22o millions that encounter health problem some with other Asian countries. These condition result in government to be provided Health Care Services to Indonesian Community to serve community health care. Therefore Indonesia Government provide Nurses through Nursing education to cover urgent Health Care Necessity . Indonesia Nursing Education primarily conducted from post graduated at Junior High School as long as 3 years similar with Senior High School called nursing School without any title degree. The alumnae from Nursing School may be handle as doctor assistance or placed in many Health Care Provider such as Hospital, Clinic, Public Health Service to perform Nursing Health Care.

Nursing School graduated is the basic Nurse who have few skill of nursing health care because the curriculum simple including, Nursing Procedure, Nursing Technique, Nursing Implementation it was reflected most of nursing school graduated capable only for nursing practical such as daily routine job, giving injection, routine vital sign, administered of IV, bedridden and doctor assistance . These condition made low to patient health care services and made nursing at that moment is depending on doctor order. Lack of nursing knowledge influence to nurses can not implementation well when they are work and low of Health Jobs Competitor.

Indonesia Government aware but they can do more because at that moment Indonesian is need more health care services to require high of health problem demand and after word the early of 1980 Nursing Diploma had opened. Nursing Diploma conducted post graduated from Senior high school as long as 3 years was degree title Diploma III (Ahli Madya Keperawatan).
The curriculum was different with the Nursing School that including aspect Comprehensive Care Bio, Psycho, Socio, Cultural Spiritual. They had already Nanda adopted nursing care plan and more skill than nursing school.

Nursing Diploma was doctor partner and other Health Care provider relationship to build nursing care in many hospital and other Public Health Care. They work not only depending on doctor order, but they have already mind set to perform nursing care plan even though not progressive as well as Registered Nurse in other countries, Nursing Diploma had capable to handle nursing care with nursing assessment, Intervention and Implementation to patients.

Finally Indonesia Nursing was improve to lead the Nursing Skill to become equal with other country and August 1985 Faculty of Nursing generation was established University Of Indonesia with degree title of BSN. Faculty of Nursing is the youngest faculty at University of Indonesia.
See and compare to the America Nursing . The Nurses' Associated Alumnae of United States and Canada was established in 1897 and renamed the American Nurses Association in 1911.
The America nursing history was long ago and so difference far from the Indonesia Nursing History, so it's made Indonesian Nurses is far leaved back.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why I am to become a Nurse?

A nurse is a profession which have many unique activities to help any body from suffering health problems . We never to do discriminate to each other even though they are poor, rich, different religions, nationalities, ethnics, nature, culture, skin color and whatever they are. A nurse come to the community to perform their activities to help each other to save the patients life. A nurse is as a paramedic as a doctor partner, which also build networking with other Health Care Profession to help patients or any body to become health and get healing from their illness. Since Florence Nightingale who came to be known as The Lady with the Lamp, was a pioneer of modern nursing and a noted statistician who live 12 may 1820 - 13 August 1390, a nurse spreading to many country.

On the 21st century, younger nurses and nursing students have a difficult time imagining what nursing was like at the turn of 20th. During this century there have been enormous changes in our society, health services and even the concept of a nurse. An investigation of the nursing history archives highlights this.
At this moment Nurse is the big community with many specialty and to become great Jobs. Nurses not only women style but much men interest to become Nurses. Earth today need more nurses to helping any body getting sick or injury from many conditions like war, disaster, civil war,and many outbreak cases . A Nurse not only work as volunteer but coming big business in the world. Many nurses born graduated every year it's needed to lead skill and lead profession to able competition which each other nurses. Health care not only how to healing patients but skip to do more about health education.

Nurses need more course such NCLEX, IELTS, ECG, and other training plus additional study to leave traditional care to the modern care. Health care to be change from cure oriented to become health teach oriented so every body understand how to keep their live always to be healthy. At present nurse has responsibility to make every body safe from diseases and lately Nurse a good profession which large chance to become get well wage, so why you did not love Nurse Profession? Join with Nursing College to improve your career in the future, because next time nurses is ones profession is every body need.

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